Dr. Edleman, Founder of TCOYD

Puracyn Plus is an incredible product and I say that with personal and professional experience. Most over the counter products for wound care are not very effective and in many cases not worth the price. Puracyn is an extremely effective wound solution that is FDA-cleared for cleansing, irrigating, moistening and debridement. The technology behind Puracyn has been used heavily in the veterinary field and now more and more in hospitals that treat wounds and especially the to treat diabetes cases. When I sprayed it on my foot after I got a bad cut from a piece of glass that I stepped on, I said to myself…”an odorless clear fluid?” …I was not convinced it would help but it made a lasting impressing on me because of the results I saw almost overnight. I have to curb my enthusiasm since I will sound like some snake oil zealot. I do appreciate the company giving out samples to our TCOYD crowd and supporting our foot screening hands-on sessions.

Delilah, Host of Delilah Talk Radio

I’m always looking, seeking, asking for help to better the lives of the beautiful children and people I, and Point Hope, work tirelessly on the behalf of. So many come forward. Puracyn, is one such company. They have donated case upon case of a product that makes a difference.

Marji Alaniz, Founder/Host FarmHer
As a busy, working mom of two very active little kids, I am always looking for products that are safe, easy to use and effective when they get hurt.  I love that Puracyn can be used for any type of cut or scrape that my kids have – from a scrape while riding their bikes or even to an irritated ear piercing, it does it all!  It doesn’t sting or hurt when I spray it on a cut, but just the opposite, cooling their skin down and helping them feel better instantly.  It has quickly become a staple in our household and I love that can easily carry the travel size in my purse or in my backpack and have it with me wherever I need it.  From using it for my family, to carrying it with me while we are filming FarmHer in case a bump or scrape happens, a bottle of Puracyn is never too far out of my reach.

Leon M.
I am a type 1 diabetic for 50+ years. I was introduced to Puracyn Plus at a diabetic seminar in their vendor exhibit. I was offered a sample and have used it often in the 6 months since that time. Your product works wonderfully. It helped cut the healing process in half. Thanx for being there and making my wound care more effective.

Cynthia L.
I used Puracyn Plus on a cut to my finger from a very thin piece of plastic (much like a paper cut but deeper and curved). I was surprised at how quickly it began to heal after cleaning with Puracyn. I can’t wait to try the gel formulation.

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